Points to object or picture when it is named for him (18-24 mo.)
Recognizes names of people/objects/body parts (18-24 mo.)
Says several single words (15-18 mo.)
Uses two word sentences (18-24 mo.)
Follows simple one-step instructions (14-18 mo.)

Walks alone (12-26 mo.)
Pulls toys behind him while walking (13-16 mo.)
Carries large toys or several toys while walking (12-15 mo.)
Begins to run stiffly (16-18 mo.) Walks into ball (18-24 mo.)
Climbs onto and down from furniture unsupported (16-24 mo.)
Walks up and down stairs holding on to support (18-24 mo.)

Begins to sort shapes and colors (20-24 mo.)
Begins make-believe play (20-24 mo.)
Imitates behavior of others (18-24 mo.)
Increasingly enthusiastic about other children (20-24 mo.)
Demonstrates increasing independence (18-24 mo.)
Begins to show defiant behavior (18-24 mo.)

Scribbles spontaneously (14-16 mo.)
Turns over container to pour out contents (12-18 mo.)
Building tower of four blocks or more (20-24 mo.)

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