Understands the concepts of “same” and “different”
Has mastered some basic rules of grammar
Speaks in sentences of 5 to 6 words
Speaks clearly enough for strangers to understand
Tells stories

Hops and stands on one foot up to 5 seconds
Kicks ball forward
Throws ball overhand
Moves forward and backward
Uses riding toys

Correctly names some colors
Understands the concept of counting and may know a few numbers
Begins to have a clearer sense of time
Follows three-part commands
Recalls parts of a story
Understands causality (“I can make things happen”)

Copies square shapes
Draws a person with 2 to 4 body parts
Uses scissors
Draws circles and squares
Begins to copy some capital letters
Can feed self with spoon

Cooperates/plays with other children
Plays “mom” or “dad”
More inventive in fantasy play
More independent

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