Angels’ Learning Center participates in the USDA Child and Adult food program. All Food servings will be followed by USDA standards according to age meet state licensing requirements. Foods provided reflect Angels’ Joy Learning Center’s concern for the children’s health, nutrition and development. Any changes will be noted on the menu form found in your HiMama account.

Angels’ Joy Learning Center provides a nourishing breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack to any child who is enrolled in the program and in attendance during the time when meals are served. The cost of meals and snacks that are served during the day is included in the weekly fees as a benefit to families. All meals are prepared on the premises.

Meals are served “family style” in all classrooms where the children are over two years of age to give them opportunities to serve their own food in a homelike atmosphere and encourage mealtime socialization. One teacher sits at each table to assist children as needed and participate in pleasant conversation while eating. Meals are served in 3 hour increments with the exception of Infants. School age children are served a snack immediately after school. Children arriving before 7:00 a.m. will be offered a meal.

The children are encouraged to try new foods by taking at least one bite. Teachers do not force a child to eat, and food is not withheld from a child for any reason or used as a reward. As a measure of keeping children healthy, a weekly menu will be posted on the parent information wall.

Any treats brought by parents for holidays and special occasions has to be store bought and in its original packaging when dropped off. Please ask your child’s teacher of food allergies or special diet concerns for his/her class.

If your child has a special diet and or food allergies, it must be noted on the back of your child’s health history and Emergency Care Plan form and a written statement from a recognized medical authority must be documented in your child’s file. This statement must state the food(s) to be omitted and foods that may be substituted. A listing of special diets or allergies is posted in the individual classrooms, the kitchen, offices and front desk.

Breakfast includes one serving of fruit or 100% juice, one serving of grains, and milk.

Lunch and Dinner includes one serving of meat or meat alternative, two servings of vegetables or fruits or one serving of each of them, one serving of grains or breads, and milk.

Snack includes one serving from each of two different components: grains such as crackers, or bread, meat or meat alternative such as cheese or peanut butter, fruits or vegetables, and 100% juice or milk.

Children less than two years of age are served Grade “A” Vitamin D (whole) milk and children over two years of age are served 1% milk.

Angels’ Joy Learning Center’s Staff, attends annual training on all USDA requirements, food storage, kitchen cleanliness and dishwashing procedures. Our Staff have also been given detailed instructions on equipment, food requirements, food prep, cleanliness, hand washing and cleaning aids.

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