Infant Room

We are proud supporters of mothers who nurse their infants. To ensure that your nursing journey is successful, we will do everything possible to help.  Please make sure all bottles or bags of milk brought from home are labeled with your child’s name and the date that the milk was brought to the center. A comfortable private space is available for lactating mothers.

Infants and toddlers are kept on schedules set by their parents, unless the schedule does not comply with state license requirements. Angels’ Joy Learning Center offers an iron-fortified formula until a child is one year old. The brand we have chosen is Parent’s Choice Milk Formula. Upon registration, parents are asked to complete a form indicating whether they are providing another type of formula or if they would like the Center to offer Parent’s Choice Milk Formula. If a parent wishes to have their child drink milk before the age of one year, a physician’s written statement is required. Whole milk is provided for all children until their second birthday.

Teachers will hold infants who are unable to hold his/her own bottle whenever a bottle is given. Every child is positioned with his/her head higher than the body when being fed a bottle (Bottles are not propped). Leftover breast milk or formula is discarded after each feeding and bottles are sent to the kitchen for sterilization.

Solid foods are introduced as directed by a child’s parent. Gerber cereals, strained fruits and strained vegetables are provided by Angels’ Joy Learning Center until a child is developmentally ready to eat table foods served from the weekly menu.

All child care staff working in the infant room, or child care staff who may potentially work in the infant room, will receive our Infant Safe training. Infants will always be placed on their backs to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants be placed on their backs to sleep; but when infants can easily turn over from the back to the stomach, they can be allowed to adopt whatever position in which they prefer to sleep. All Angels’ Joy staff strive to follow all recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, child care staff can further discuss with parents how to address circumstances when their infants turn onto their stomachs or sides Sleeping infants are checked periodically by staff.

Children 2 and under follow their own sleeping and waking patterns, and will be given individual attention including lots of holding and talking time. Soiled diapers will be placed in a covered garbage container and disposed of at the end of the day.  

Daily logs of infant and toddlers activities are taken each day and recorded in Himama, a childcare software that allows parents direct access to their child’s daily log entries and direct contact with staff.

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