Early Preschool

Recognizes and identifies almost all common objects (26-32 mo.)
Understands most sentences (24-40 mo.)
Can say name, age and sex (30-36 mo.)
Uses pronouns (I, you, me, we, they) (24-30 mo.)
Strangers can understand most of his/her words (30-36 mo.)

Climbs well (24-30 mo.)
Walks up stairs alternating feet with support (24-30 mo.)
Runs easily (24-26 mo.)
Pedals tricycle (30-36 mo.)
Bends over easily without falling (24-30 mo.)

Plays make believe with dolls, animals and people (24-36 mo.)
Sorts objects by color (30-36 mo.)
Completes puzzles with 3 or 4 pieces (24-36 mo.)
Understands concept of “two” (26-32 mo.)

Makes vertical, horizontal and circular strokes (30-36 mo.)
Turns book pages one at a time (24-30 mo.)
Builds a tower of more than 6 blocks (24-30 mo.)
Holds a pencil in writing position (30-36 mo.)
Screws and unscrews jar lids, nuts and bolts (24-30 mo.)

Separates easily from parents (by 36 mo.)
Expresses a wide range of emotions (24-36 mo.)
Objects to major changes in routine (24-36 mo.)

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