Here at Angels’ Joy the opportunities to learn are endless. With a mission statement of “Build, Develop & Grow,” we must make sure we hit every one of these stepping stones with a multitude of opportunities. A child’s mind has the ability to absorb like sponges. Knowing this we must take full advantage.  

Angels’ Joy prides itself on being one of the more diverse learning centers in Dane County. Our center has bilingual (English/Spanish) programming to help successfully develop proficiencies in a second language. Our staff are also willing to learn and accommodate other languages as enrollment sees fit. Our team participates in monthly (dual-language learner) trainings taught by highly qualified professionals.


Once a year Angels’ Joy Learning Center hosts a Parade and Potluck that we affectionately call “Bridging The Gap of Diversity”. The families of Angels’ Joy and the community are invited to share about their ethnic backgrounds. Rich cultures are celebrated through history, native food, clothing, art and music. Many children are taught to celebrate diversity, to be proud of who they are and their family traditions.

Ethnic groups are often faced with preventable problems due to their unique cultural backgrounds. With the growing focus on pride of heritage, it becomes difficult to find one’s position in the Melting Pot of America. Such support helps teach children to respect and value others regardless of the color of their skin, their physical abilities, or the language they speak.

As we become more secure, all are able to appreciate and accept the diversity of their heritage with increased exposure to differences and similarities. Our cultural differences are the highlights! Most times the best way to understand others is to step into their shoes. Learning is more effective when others have lived it, felt it, and experienced it. Build, Develop, Grow!

End of the Summer Kickback

Each year in August, Angels’ Joy Learning Center partners with multiple community organizations to provide families with essential back to school needs and confidence to have a successful school year. Hundreds of families are provided with backpacks, shoes, school supplies, dental care, food and haircuts in this community wide event.


Some learning activities children participate in at Angels’ Joy Learning Center are cooking, gardening, science, reading, and large motor.

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