What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary Accreditation process based on a set of quality standards. The Standards are designed to promote the optimal development of the child. These Standards go far beyond the mandatory licensing regulations that enforce basic requirements to protect the health and safety of children. The Child Care Center Accreditation Standards are used in Madison Accredited early care and education programs such as day care centers, preschools, and Head Start programs, as well as school-age child care programs (after-school and summer day camps).

The emphasis of City Accreditation is on direct observation of the program in action with children. Observations are done by specially trained professional staff of the Madison Child Care Unit for center. These child care and education professionals spend many hours observing programs and the way the child care staff and providers respond to children and how they handle situations to assure that the standards are being met. 

Accreditation Is A Commitment To The Families We Serve

AJLC is accredited because we believe so strongly in the process and its purpose: to ensure your child receives the very best education and care in the early years.  When your child is enrolled at our accredited center, you will experience the difference. 

Accreditation inspires a dedication to constant improvement in all areas—meaning our centers take the care and education of your child very serious.

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