We at Angels’ Joy Learning Center believe that each child is a unique individual. It is our goal to help each child meet their fullest potential while providing the best child care experiences possible. Angels’ Joy Learning Center empowers children to lead and be successful with daily routines and activities that encourage each child intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. We believe the three essential components needed to create a conducive learning environment are Build, Develop & Grow.


We allow your child’s natural curiosity to direct their learning, giving them the ability to build on personal experience. This affords your child the opportunity to take an active role in their own education, in the company of other children sharing in their adventure.
Our teachers act as guides, providing access to information rather than acting as the primary source of information. This ensures that the child’s search for knowledge is met with caring support as skills are developed in authentic situations of their own decision making.
By providing children with access to hands-on activities and allowing adequate time and space to use diverse materials, our teachers reinforce lessons through individual discovery. This provides every child with a unique environment to grow.


Angels’ Joy Learning Center participate in the USDA Child and Adult food program. All Food servings will be followed by USDA standards according to age meet state licensing requirements. Foods provided reflect Angel’s Joy Learning Center’s concern for the children’s health, nutrition and development. Any changes will be noted on the menu form found in parents’ HiMama account.
Angels’ Joy Learning Center provides bi-lingual, diverse, and community oriented activities for children to engage in. While we believe children should play active roles in the development of their own education, it is important to foster their growth with ideas and culture that may not be readily available to them. By doing so, we strive to help our children better connect with those around them, and the world.
My daughter has been attending Angela's day care since the summer of 2016 and she absolutely loves it. My baby girl is a toddler and she learns so many new things. Just this Friday we were leaving the center and she pointed to her eye and said eyes and then pointed to her nose and said nose. Immediately, I called the center and was screaming cause I was so happy. What a pleasure it is to have a day care that pours learning, and love into my baby. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. ANGELA JOY LEARNING CENTER ROCKS!read more
Cherita Ferguson
Cherita Ferguson
I must say my daughter loves going to #AJLC. Everyday when I pick her up her conversation always start with "I had fun at Daycare." It's one thing to be supportive of #BOB (black owned businesses) but that just means the expectations society places upon that economical group thickens due to stereotypical insights. It's centers and businesses like this one that will spark the engine to move our culture forward. This is early education for our youth and it's extremely prudent we do all we can to keep this center and those similar in our communities. Highly recommend Angels Joy Learning Center.read more
Breyon Oneofmani Sommerville
Breyon Oneofmani Sommerville
My wife and I have had the pleasure to send both our boys through Angela's day care. Our boys are now in the 2nd and 6th grade, their success today I would contribute to their daycare experience. They enjoyed attending Angela's daycare and learned a lot. They really like the friends they met also. For Dawn and I, we felt secure and safe with the boys being in Angela's team hands - that was very important. We will continue to recommend Angela's daycare to our friends. Keep up the good work!!! JP and Dawnread more
Jeff Patterson
Jeff Patterson
Angels Joy Learning Center was a blessing to my family and I am sure that it will be a huge blessing for families to come! My children and I learned soooooo much during their experience with this daycare. Love It!read more
Kristin Alexander
Kristin Alexander
Angels Joy is a home away from home for all children... You can rest assured in knowing that they are surrounded in love and learning when they walk through the doors!read more
Heather Lewis Ware
Heather Lewis Ware

Child Care Services

Angels’ Joy Learning Center is accredited because we believe so strongly in the process and its purpose: to ensure your child receives the very best education and care in the early years. When your child is enrolled at our accredited center, you will experience the difference. Accreditation inspires a dedication to constant improvement in all areas—meaning our centers take the care and education of your child very serious.  Please contact AJLC by phone to inquire about rates.
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